Galeries, exhibitions

Amber museum

"With the beginning of perestroika many tourists invaded Nida. Most of them were immigrants from thi...

Pamario g. 20, LT-5872 Nida, Neringa

Kretinga Museum

Kretinga museum and its surroundings from a long tradition of archaeological and architectural monum...

Vilniaus gatvė 20, Kretinga
8 682 06702

Weathervane Gallery

At the Daiva and Remigijus Žadeikis Weathervane Gallery you can learn about the history of their or...

L.Rėzos g. 13, LT-93101, Neringa
+370 698 27283

Gargzdai Cultural Center

Every year, different seasons organizes various events, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, organizes ...

Klaipėdos gatvė 15, Gargždai
(8-46) 452352

Gargzdai edge museum

Gargždų National Museum visitors can get acquainted with the city and district Gargždų story. Ac...

Sodo g. 5 Gargždai, Gargždai
8 670 37 145

Antique Furniture Gallery

You are welcome to inspect the hardware and antique galleries...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8 460) 53 501

Amber gallery

Lithuanian Art Museum in Palanga displaying amber, its various articles, and providing information o...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8-460) 53501

Amber gallery exhibition

Amber exhibited its various products (necklaces, brooches, engraved stones, toys, a huge amber ingot...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8-460) 53501

A. Hrebnickis workroom

Adam Hrebnickis - Lithuania gardener pomology....


Picture Room

Adam Hrebnickis works of art....


Pranas Domsaitis gallery

Working hours: Tuesdays - saturdays 12-18 ; sundays, 12-17...

Liepų g. 33, Klaipėda , Klaipėda
(8 46) 410 416

Exhibits room

The museum was established in 1959., Is open to visitors - in 1961. Professor A. Hrebnickis remote a...

Rojaus kaimas, Dūkšto seniūnija, Ignalinos rajonas., Ignalina
8 675 01 098

A. Hrebnickis Museum

Professor's house, where he lived from 1922. Exposure is equipped with four rooms. One of them exhib...

Rojaus kaimas, Dūkšto seniūnija, Ignalinos rajonas., Ignalina
(8 ~ 386) 45472

Šiluvos museum

The museum features an ark chest found following Saint Mary’s apparition which served as a hiding ...

M.Jurgaičio g. 17 a, Šiluva, Šiluva
(428) 4 31 90

Local history museum of Utena

The building, in which the museum is located, is the second oldest building in Utena town. Exhibits ...

Utenio a. 3,, Utena
+370 389 61637, +370 389 61634

Exhibition of rabbits

During the time at the homestead near the township Saldutiškis you can take a look at 40 different ...

Girios g. 2, Antalamėstės k., Saldutiškis, Utenos r., Utena
+370 673 37 553, +370 604 92 818

Ignalina Museum

Ignalina museum invites you to visit us and see the various exhibits from stoneware to a very valuab...

Ateities g. 43, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 386) 53147

Turn to the paradise

Paradise - Village Ignalina district to the north, the south-western shore of the lake Berzininkai. ...


Aviation Museum

The Lithuanian Aviation Museum formerly known as the Lithuanian Technical Museum was founded on Febr...

Veiverių g. 132, Kaunas, Kaunas
+370 37 227 616

Nalšios muziejus

Istorijos skyriaus laikinoji ekspozicija skirstoma į keletą temų. Ekspozicijos pradžioje lankyto...

Laisvės al. 1, Švenčionys
+370 387 5 18 31