Aquapark relaxation centre

Tropic +32 celcius heat, 9 metre tall palms, sky blue pool water, bathhouses, exotic massages. ...

Vilniaus al. 13-1, Druskininkai, Druskininkai
+370 313 52338

One adventure park

We are ADVENTURES ARCHITECTS, offering climbing in trees for cities, private homesteads....

+370 607 20911

Druskininkai camping

4 star caping in Druskiningai city. It was established at 2005....

Gardino g. 3, Druskininkai
+370 313 60800

Hotel Galia Vita

Hotel complex Galia is located next to each other in the very center of Druskininkai resort, very co...

Maironio g. 3, Druskininkai, Druskininkai
370 313 60511

Grand Spa center

Immerse yourself in full of senses "Grand Spa Lithuania" world, and your stay in Druskininkai will s...

V. Kudirkos g. 45, Druskininkai, Druskininkai
+370 313 51 200