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St.. The church of John the Baptist.

Svedriskes St. St. John the Baptist Church stands Svedriskes village, 7.5 km to the northwest of Kaz...

Bažnyčios gatvė 16A Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 385) 59350

Resting at the tower

Near the "bees" of the tower and the rest of the information area....


Review of the tower

Forest panorama of the opening of the tower from the bees....


Palūšė St. Joseph's Church

Palūšė St. Joseph's Church stands Palūšė village, 4 km to the southwest of Ignalina, lynx lake...

Palūšės km., Ignalinos r., Ignalina

Monument Mike Petrauskas

Accomplished singer - composer, conductor, public figure. Miko Petrausko monument. Cultural Monument...


Paluse beach

Palūšė beach is Ignalina Palūšė village....


The church Palūšė

Palūšė St. Joseph's Church stands Palūšė village, 4 km to the southwest of Ignalina, lynx lake...

Palūšė, Ignalinos r., Ignalina
(8 386) 47438

A. Hrebnickis workroom

Adam Hrebnickis - Lithuania gardener pomology....


Picture Room

Adam Hrebnickis works of art....


Monument to Adam Hrebnickis

Adam Hrebnickis - Lithuania gardener pomology. Examined 629 apple, 223 of pear, 240 of plum, 105 of ...


Blessed. Mr M. Church of the Nativity

Ignalina St. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary stands in Ignalina....

Bažnyčios a. 4, Ignalina
(8 386) 52378

Observation tower

Ignalina tower, also known as Vilkakalnio tower. The tower stands in the town of Ignalina, just a fe...


Ignalina fountain

Lake in eastern Lithuania, Ignalina region, at the northern edge of the town of Ignalina. Length (ea...


St.. Stanislovas Kostka the church.

Dūkštas St. Stanislaus Kostka Church stands Dūkštas city....

Bažnyčios gatvė 15, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 386) 45450

Exhibits room

The museum was established in 1959., Is open to visitors - in 1961. Professor A. Hrebnickis remote a...

Rojaus kaimas, Dūkšto seniūnija, Ignalinos rajonas., Ignalina
8 675 01 098

A. Hrebnickis Museum

Professor's house, where he lived from 1922. Exposure is equipped with four rooms. One of them exhib...

Rojaus kaimas, Dūkšto seniūnija, Ignalinos rajonas., Ignalina
(8 ~ 386) 45472

Ignalina Museum

Ignalina museum invites you to visit us and see the various exhibits from stoneware to a very valuab...

Ateities g. 43, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 386) 53147

St.. Stanislovas Church

Kazitiškis St. Stanislaus Church stands Kazitiškis village, 11 km to the north of the Ignalina....

8 698 28 002

Ignas and Lina sculpture

5m tall oak sculpture of two interconnected parts, metal suns top. The reverse side of the sculpture...

Atgimimo gatvė 39, Ignalina

Bees review tower

Šiliniškės (Ginučiai) tower - this is the first observation deck is located on a mobile telecomm...


Sports Entertainment bases

Lithuanian center of winter sports throughout the year to invite the rest of the lake: a great place...

Sporto g. 3, Ignalina, Ignalina

Old church dukštas

Dysna pool oldest and most interesting area is the Old Dukstas. Dūkštas same name derives from the...


Turn to the paradise

Paradise - Village Ignalina district to the north, the south-western shore of the lake Berzininkai. ...


The entrance to the church Palūšė. yard

Entrance to St. Palūšė. Joseph's church yard....