Astronomical calendar with solar clock

Twelve wooden sculptures and a central six-meter-high pillar sundial designed so that the sun's shad...

Žemaitės alėja 4, Kretinga

Counts Tiškevičių Chapel

Many visitors Kretinga and draws attention to the old cemetery Kretingos undulating red brick neo-Go...

Vilniaus gatvė 19, Kretinga

Lourdes Grotto

Built in 1933. In France Lourdes grotto example. Near the dam hosting former water mill (išmūrytas...

Vilniaus gatvė 6, Kretinga

Kretinga Museum

Kretinga museum and its surroundings from a long tradition of archaeological and architectural monum...

Vilniaus gatvė 20, Kretinga
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Kretinga municipality

Kretinga district municipality....

Savanorių g. 29A, Kretinga
(8 445) 53141

Monument to John Charles Chodkiewicz

Grand Duchy of Lithuania Hetman, Vilnius province and Kretinga church, monastery founder John Charle...

Rotušės aikštė 8-1, Kretinga

Monument to Jurgis Pabrėža

George emphasized - a priest, a Franciscan, a physician and botanist, the first Lithuanian flora res...

Vilniaus g. 1, Kretinga

independence monument

Lithuanian Independence Monument ten years mentioned.....

Rotušės a. 11, Kretinga, Kretinga

Tourist Information Centre

Kretinga District Tourism Information...

J. K. Chodkevičiaus gatvė 2, Kretinga
(8 445) 73 102

Kretinga 360

Kretinga panorama of the bird's flight....

Savanorių g. 29A, Kretinga, Kretinga
(8-445) 77479