Park Rotunda

Rotunda (wind instruments bandstand) built in 1927. Count Felix Tiškevičiaus times, it used to pla...


Бируте парк

Awesome Birute park Palanga, invites all to come and watch every Thursday called tacit story resort ...

Vytauto g. 8, Palanga

Counts Tiskevicius park

The park was established in Count Felix Tiškevičius care in 1895-1898 Holy Birute forest area. Sym...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga

Counts Tiskeviciai manor

Elegant Palanga Amber Tiškevičiai built in 1897. Project author - who lived in Berlin, the German ...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8-460) 53501

Palanga amber museum

Lithuanian Art Museum in Palanga displaying amber, his articles and providing information on these t...

Vytauto g. 22, Palanga
(8-460) 51319

Egle the Queen of Serpents sculpture

One of the most famous and unique Lithuanian folk tales. Certainly more than a hundred different ver...


Central Square

Excellent starting point of our route. Once a dirty no shape at all, and the central square, certain...

Vytauto g. 57, Palanga, Palanga

Palanga 360

Here is shown a panoramic overview of the city of Palanga....

Vytauto g. 73, Palanga, Palanga
(8 460) 48 705