Utena panoramic overview

Utena panoramic overview of the city from a bird flight....


Queen Mary the Martyr Chapel

Around the lake various paths are elaborated, children’s playgrounds have been set up. In 2011 Ute...

Aušros g. 34, Utena

Užpaliai Church and Belfry

The belfry of Užpaliai Church was built in 1847. It was built by the parishioners from their own fu...

J.Basanavičiaus g. 6, Užpaliai, Utenos r., Utena
+370 389 31309

Vyžuonos Church

It is the oldest building in Utena municipality; it was built in 1406, and now the church is archite...

Vyžuonos, Utenos r., Utena
+370 389 60322

Local history museum of Utena

The building, in which the museum is located, is the second oldest building in Utena town. Exhibits ...

Utenio a. 3,, Utena
+370 389 61637, +370 389 61634

Beer brewery

The brewery UTENOS ALUS has been famous in all over the world since already 1977 because the water i...

Pramonės g. 12, Utena, Utena
+370 618 87753

Utena A. and M. Miškiniai public library

Utena library fulfils cultural, information and educational functions. The modernization of the serv...

Maironio g. 12, Utena
+370 389 61606, +370 389 61607

Church of the Divine Paternity Congregation

The church was built in 2005 and represents modern architectural style. The church is especially val...

Aušros g. 78, Utena
+370 389 50313

Exhibition of rabbits

During the time at the homestead near the township Saldutiškis you can take a look at 40 different ...

Girios g. 2, Antalamėstės k., Saldutiškis, Utenos r., Utena
+370 673 37 553, +370 604 92 818

Christ Assumption Church

The stone church, built in 1882–1884, is very special, because its trunnion cross is covered with ...

Vytauto a. 4, Utena
+370 389 55745