Skonis ir Kvapas

Since 1997, working in a team, united by the mission: "WORLD CULTURE, WHICH CAN BE FOUND BY TASTE ...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
+370 652 25555


The first specialized drinks store "Vynoteka was opened" in 2005 in Vilnius. Shortly after the netwo...

8616 75639


Beauty shop Cascada....

Konstitucijos pr. 16, Vilnius
8-642 07206


At all times beauty meant a lot. Shining smile, glowing eye look... Beauty - is a gift that we have ...

Konstitucijos pr. 16, Vilnius
8 37 351624

Vilniaus Alus

Vilniaus Alus shop in VCUP shopping center....

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
+370 5 260 6900

Thailand Sport & SPA

Traditional thailand massage, known as one of the most effective healing art....

Ąžuolyno g. 7, Vilnius, Vilnius
+370 640 36236


Since the opening we are happy with our permanent guests loyalty and we do not lack any new attentio...

Raitininkų g. 4, Vilnius
+370 5 2724888


Laventas - esthetic cosmetology. Esthetic problems solutions....

Verkių 1, Vilnius, Vilnius
+370 64703724

Baltic 360 residence

Baltic countries platform 360, digital visual information presentation system....

Konstitucijos pr. 9-119,Vilnius, Vilnius


The deepest traditions from Vilnius shopping, shopping center, connecting clients beloved brands, co...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
(8 5) 273 1515

Vitrina Pro

Vitrina Ltd. is a distributor and manufacturer of products for hairdressers, manicurists, cosmetolog...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
+370 677 11566


UAB Rudugys operates continuously expanding network of stores throughout Lithuania "OIL". Already op...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
(8 46) 300506


UAB "DAKIA" - tai 2011 metais įkurta specializuota automobilių padangų ir ratlankių prekybos kom...

Kareivių g. 2C, Vilnius, Vilnius
8 600 23223


Our skilled craftsmen repair service for any brand or model of car, van or SUV, or simply advise the...

Kareivių g. 2C, Vilnius, Vilnius
8 5 277 51 51

Cathedral Basilica


Katedros a. 2, Vilnius 01143, Vilnius
(8-5) 261 1127

Saint Ona's church

It is said that when Napoleon saw saint Ona's church, he wanted to take it on hand to Paris....

Maironio gatvė 8-1, Vilnius, Vilnius

Saint Kazimieras's church

Church was started building by jesuitical in 1604. It was built in memory of saint prince Kazimieras...

Didžioji gatvė 34, Vilnius, Vilnius

Lithuania's national philharmonic


Aušros Vartų g. 5, Vilnius
(8 5) 266 52 10

The town hall square

One of the oldest Vilnius oldtown squares....

Didžioji gatvė 31, Vilnius
(8 5) 261 8007



Ozo g. 18, vilnius, Vilnius
8700 44 999



Savanorių pr. 1, Vilnius, Vilnius
8620 74129

Municipality square

Vilnius Europe square - on the right Neris coast, near Vilnius town municipality complex in Konstit...

Konstitucijos pr. 3, LT-09601 Vilnius, Vilnius


„Salento Disco Pub" - italų (Andre Zappa ir Piero Buttazzo) įkurtas klubas, kiaurą savaitę tur...

Didžioji st. 28, Vilnius