St. Exaltation of the Cross Church

This church was built 1894, but after the First World War, lost his parishioners, thus in 1922 was t...

Vysk. A. Karoso gatvė 3, Vilkaviškis
(8 342) 20525

Vilkaviškis coat of arms

Vilkaviskis city coat of arms was granted in 1697, September 19...

birutes g. vilkaviškis, Vilkaviškis
(8 342) 20525

Tourism and business information center

Vilkaviskis is one of the most significant cultural and educational centre in Suduva region...

7 J. Basanavičiaus a., Vilkaviškis, Vilkaviškis
(8 342) 20525

Church of St. Virgin Mary Visit

Trakai peninsula upland parish of St. Virgin Mary Visit. The church today seems to be built as far ...

Birutės g. 5, 21114 Trakai, Trakai
(528) 5 59 07

Monument to Jonas Basanavicius

The monument for Dr. J. Basanavicius was built at Vilkaviskis central square in 1996. Sculptor...

5.675648, 7.422745, Vilkaviškis
(8 342) 20525

Oginskis manor

Art Museum was founded in 1994. The museum's homestead - a former Duke of Michael Nicholas Severino ...

Parko g.1, LT – 90117, Plungė, Plungė
+370 448 57643

Public Library


(8~448) 7 13 03


The first specialized drinks store "Vynoteka was opened" in 2005 in Vilnius. Shortly after the netwo...

8616 75639


Beauty shop Cascada....

Konstitucijos pr. 16, Vilnius
8-642 07206


At all times beauty meant a lot. Shining smile, glowing eye look... Beauty - is a gift that we have ...

Konstitucijos pr. 16, Vilnius
8 37 351624

Vilniaus Alus

Vilniaus Alus shop in VCUP shopping center....

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
+370 5 260 6900

Thailand Sport & SPA

Traditional thailand massage, known as one of the most effective healing art....

Ąžuolyno g. 7, Vilnius, Vilnius
+370 640 36236

Amber museum

"With the beginning of perestroika many tourists invaded Nida. Most of them were immigrants from thi...

Pamario g. 20, LT-5872 Nida, Neringa

Panoramic view

2 Gigapixel quality panorama of Vilkaviskis city...

Vytauto g. 6 vilkaviškis, Vilkaviškis
(8 342) 20525

Vilkaviskis District Municipality

Vilkaviskis town has been mentioned in historical chronicles since the beginning of the 16th century...

1 S. Nėries g., Vilkaviškis, Vilkaviškis
(8 342) 60 062

Blessed Mary the Virgin Visit's church

Church historicist, 2 volumes at different heights, two-tower. Has 4 altar. Churchyard is enclosed...

14 Vytauto g., Vilkaviškis, Vilkaviškis
(8 342) 20525

Trakai castle

Trakai island castle - gothic castle in Trakai city, on Galves lake island....

Karaimų gatvė 53, Trakai
(8 342) 20525


Since the opening we are happy with our permanent guests loyalty and we do not lack any new attentio...

Raitininkų g. 4, Vilnius
+370 5 2724888


Laventas - esthetic cosmetology. Esthetic problems solutions....

Verkių 1, Vilnius, Vilnius
+370 64703724

Puntukas stone

Puntukas stone - second by size boulder in Lithuania....

55.495582,25.153488., Anykščiai
(8-381) 58035,

Zalgiris arena

Kaunas "Zalgiris" arena - one of the biggest arena's in the Baltic countries. ...

Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 50, Kaunas
+370 37 354 401

Baltic 360 residence

Baltic countries platform 360, digital visual information presentation system....

Konstitucijos pr. 9-119,Vilnius, Vilnius

Aquapark relaxation centre

Tropic +32 celcius heat, 9 metre tall palms, sky blue pool water, bathhouses, exotic massages. ...

Vilniaus al. 13-1, Druskininkai, Druskininkai
+370 313 52338

Telsiai 360

Telsiai city panoramic overview...

8 444) 52229

Saint A. Paduvietis cathedral


Katedros a. 2, Telšiai , Telšiai
8 444 60500

Saint A. Paduvietis cathedral square


Katedros a., Telšiai , Telšiai
8 444) 52229

Market square

Telsiai oldtown - one of 7 protected oldtowns in Lithuania....


Žemaitija's Tourist info center

Zemaitija's Tourist Information Centre is a non-profit institution whose objects - to undertake acti...

Turgaus a. 21, Telšiai, Telšiai
(8 444) 53010

Zemaitija's legends

The real zemaitija is there, where.....

8 444) 52229

Juodkrantes church (inside)

Carpenter Klimkus Grigalaitis (1750-1825) in 1770-1780 built the first wooden church. In 1885 built ...

L. Rėzos gatvė 56, Juodkrantė 93101, Neringa
(8-686) 09967

Blessed. M. M. Assumption churches.

Palanga Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption Church....


Park Rotunda

Rotunda (wind instruments bandstand) built in 1927. Count Felix Tiškevičiaus times, it used to pla...


Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital

Palanga Rehabilitation Hospital...

Vytauto g. 153, Palanga
8 (460) 4 13 67

Tourist Information Centre

Palanga TIC provides information about Palanga and its attractions: museums, exhibitions and concert...

Vytauto g. 55, Palanga
(8-460) 56186

Palanga municipality

Administrative territorial unit of Lithuania in the west, on the Baltic Sea....

Vytauto g. 73, Palanga
(8 460) 48 705

SPA Design

If you are attracted by aesthetics, you want to immerse yourself in the comfort and pleasures of a s...

Birutės alėja 60, Palanga
370 460 41414

Astronomical calendar with solar clock

Twelve wooden sculptures and a central six-meter-high pillar sundial designed so that the sun's shad...

Žemaitės alėja 4, Kretinga

Counts Tiškevičių Chapel

Many visitors Kretinga and draws attention to the old cemetery Kretingos undulating red brick neo-Go...

Vilniaus gatvė 19, Kretinga

Lourdes Grotto

Built in 1933. In France Lourdes grotto example. Near the dam hosting former water mill (išmūrytas...

Vilniaus gatvė 6, Kretinga

Kretinga Museum

Kretinga museum and its surroundings from a long tradition of archaeological and architectural monum...

Vilniaus gatvė 20, Kretinga
8 682 06702

Kretinga municipality

Kretinga district municipality....

Savanorių g. 29A, Kretinga
(8 445) 53141

Monument to John Charles Chodkiewicz

Grand Duchy of Lithuania Hetman, Vilnius province and Kretinga church, monastery founder John Charle...

Rotušės aikštė 8-1, Kretinga

Monument to Jurgis Pabrėža

George emphasized - a priest, a Franciscan, a physician and botanist, the first Lithuanian flora res...

Vilniaus g. 1, Kretinga

Spruce the Queen of Serpents

One of the most famous and unique Lithuanian folk tales....



Five Star Hotel Vanagupė its guests not only luxury, comfort and exquisite attention but also the o...

Vanagupės gatvė 31, Palanga
(8-460) 41199

Tourizm information center


Lietuvininkų g. 4, LT-99179 Šilutė, Šilutė
8-441 77785

DNB Bank


Dariaus ir Girėno g. 7/81, 72215 Tauragė, Tauragė

Smiltynė ferry


+370 46 365018

Nida pier



Beach (Pervalka)



Preila beach





Taikos g. 2, LT-93121, Neringa, Neringa
(8 469) 52 234

L. Reza Sculpture

A wooden sculpture of the folklorist, cultural actor, publisher of “Years” by K. Donelaitis, the...


Stone sculptures

In 1995 Juodkrante, a construction of 2400 m long quay was started, which runs along the L.Reza stre...


Weathervane Gallery

At the Daiva and Remigijus Žadeikis Weathervane Gallery you can learn about the history of their or...

L.Rėzos g. 13, LT-93101, Neringa
+370 698 27283

Nida center beach



Monument to the Soviet Army soldiers

On the Gulf Coast, stands a monument to Soviet Army soldiers. In 1945 at the end of January in a war...


Silutes Evangelical Lutheran Church

Silutes Evangelical Lutheran Church - Evangelical Lutheran Church, located in the center of Silute. ...

Lietuvininkų g. 21, Šilutė, Šilutė

Mažvydas church


M. Mažvydo alėja , Tauragė, Tauragė

Gargzdai municipality

Gargzdai city mуниципалитет...

Žemaitės g. 10, Gargždai
8 868 35586

Gargzdai Cultural Center

Every year, different seasons organizes various events, exhibitions, concerts, festivals, organizes ...

Klaipėdos gatvė 15, Gargždai
(8-46) 452352

Gargzdai edge museum

Gargždų National Museum visitors can get acquainted with the city and district Gargždų story. Ac...

Sodo g. 5 Gargždai, Gargždai
8 670 37 145

Tourist Information Centre

Klaipeda district tourist information center was established in 2001. 3 May. Klaipeda District Touri...

Kvietinių g. 5, Gargždai
(8 46) 473416

St.. Michael the Archangel Church

Gargzdai St. Archangel Michael's Church stands Gardzdai, Dubysos the right bank. Church about 1535. ...

Tilto gatvė 1 , Gargždai
8 (46) 452189

J. Basanavičius fountain

John Basanavičius fountain in Palanga....

J. Basanavičiaus gatvė 45A, Palanga

Бируте парк

Awesome Birute park Palanga, invites all to come and watch every Thursday called tacit story resort ...

Vytauto g. 8, Palanga

Counts Tiskevicius park

The park was established in Count Felix Tiškevičius care in 1895-1898 Holy Birute forest area. Sym...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga

Counts Tiskeviciai manor

Elegant Palanga Amber Tiškevičiai built in 1897. Project author - who lived in Berlin, the German ...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8-460) 53501

Palanga amber museum

Lithuanian Art Museum in Palanga displaying amber, his articles and providing information on these t...

Vytauto g. 22, Palanga
(8-460) 51319

Egle the Queen of Serpents sculpture

One of the most famous and unique Lithuanian folk tales. Certainly more than a hundred different ver...


Gargzdai 360

Gargzdai panoramic overview...

J. Janonio gatvė 18, Gargždai

Antique Furniture Gallery

You are welcome to inspect the hardware and antique galleries...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8 460) 53 501

Amber gallery

Lithuanian Art Museum in Palanga displaying amber, its various articles, and providing information o...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8-460) 53501

John Basanavičiaus alley

This is the central street of the town. In the past, this street was called Tiškevičius street or ...

J. Basanavičiaus gatvė 37, Palanga

Blessed. Saint Mary of the Assumption Church park

Blessed Virgin Mary of the Assumption Church in the park...

Vytauto g 51, Palanga, Palanga
(8-460) 56186

Amber gallery exhibition

Amber exhibited its various products (necklaces, brooches, engraved stones, toys, a huge amber ingot...

Vytauto gatvė 17, Palanga
(8-460) 53501

Palanga bridge entrance

The bridge in the Baltic Sea, Palanga, one of the most popular holiday and tourist destination in th...

J. Basanavičiaus gatvė 56, Palanga

Palanga bridge

The bridge in the Baltic Sea, Palanga, one of the most popular holiday and tourist destination in th...

J. Basanavičiaus gatvė 56, Palanga

Monument to Putvinskis



Birute mount Lourdes

Lourdes installed Palanga park founder Felix Tiškevičius All Lourdes building in stone is natural....


Klaipėda ferry


+370 46 365018

St.. The church of John the Baptist.

Svedriskes St. St. John the Baptist Church stands Svedriskes village, 7.5 km to the northwest of Kaz...

Bažnyčios gatvė 16A Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 385) 59350

Ignalina municipality

It is the administrative territorial unit in eastern Lithuania, Utena, on the border with Belarus. C...

Laisvės A 70, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 386) 52 096

Resting at the tower

Near the "bees" of the tower and the rest of the information area....


Review of the tower

Forest panorama of the opening of the tower from the bees....


Mill Inside

Ginučiai water mill interior....


Sports facilities

Lithuanian center of winter sports throughout the year to invite the rest of the lake: a great place...

Sporto g. 3, Ignalina , Ignalina

Туристический информационный центр

Tourist Information Centre Tourist improve awareness of the Ignalina district tourism products, serv...

Ateities g. 23, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8-386) 52 597

The inside of the tourist info center

Public Enterprise Ignalina. Tourist Information Centre provides free information about the area of t...

Ateities g. 23, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8-386) 52 597

Aukštaitijos National Park

Aukštaitijos National Park was established in Lithuania in 1974 the Council of Ministers. March 29....

Lūšių g. 16, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8-386) 53135

Palūšė St. Joseph's Church

Palūšė St. Joseph's Church stands Palūšė village, 4 km to the southwest of Ignalina, lynx lake...

Palūšės km., Ignalinos r., Ignalina

Monument Mike Petrauskas

Accomplished singer - composer, conductor, public figure. Miko Petrausko monument. Cultural Monument...


Paluse beach

Palūšė beach is Ignalina Palūšė village....


The church Palūšė

Palūšė St. Joseph's Church stands Palūšė village, 4 km to the southwest of Ignalina, lynx lake...

Palūšė, Ignalinos r., Ignalina
(8 386) 47438

A. Hrebnickis workroom

Adam Hrebnickis - Lithuania gardener pomology....


Picture Room

Adam Hrebnickis works of art....



The deepest traditions from Vilnius shopping, shopping center, connecting clients beloved brands, co...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
(8 5) 273 1515

Monument to Adam Hrebnickis

Adam Hrebnickis - Lithuania gardener pomology. Examined 629 apple, 223 of pear, 240 of plum, 105 of ...


Friedrich Arcade

Friedrich‘s arcade is one of the most vivid symbols of Klaipeda. Long and colorful history of the ...

Tiltų g. 26a, Klaipėda, Klaipėda
+370 46 41-10-76

Vitrina Pro

Vitrina Ltd. is a distributor and manufacturer of products for hairdressers, manicurists, cosmetolog...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
+370 677 11566

Skonis ir Kvapas

Since 1997, working in a team, united by the mission: "WORLD CULTURE, WHICH CAN BE FOUND BY TASTE ...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
+370 652 25555


UAB Rudugys operates continuously expanding network of stores throughout Lithuania "OIL". Already op...

Konstitucijos pr.16, Vilnius, LT-09308, Vilnius
(8 46) 300506


UAB "DAKIA" - tai 2011 metais įkurta specializuota automobilių padangų ir ratlankių prekybos kom...

Kareivių g. 2C, Vilnius, Vilnius
8 600 23223

One adventure park

We are ADVENTURES ARCHITECTS, offering climbing in trees for cities, private homesteads....

+370 607 20911

Druskininkai camping

4 star caping in Druskiningai city. It was established at 2005....

Gardino g. 3, Druskininkai
+370 313 60800

Anykščiai 360


Rašytojų gatvė 10, Anykščiai, Anykščiai
(8-381) 58035

All saints church

All saints church is located in Svencionys....

Laisvės aikštė 5, Švenčionys, Švenčionys
(8 387) 66 372


Telsiai municipality...

Žemaitės gatvė 14 Telšiai, Telšiai
8 444) 52229


Klaipeda port overview from pier...

(8 46) 499 600

Pranas Domsaitis gallery

Working hours: Tuesdays - saturdays 12-18 ; sundays, 12-17...

Liepų g. 33, Klaipėda , Klaipėda
(8 46) 410 416


Our skilled craftsmen repair service for any brand or model of car, van or SUV, or simply advise the...

Kareivių g. 2C, Vilnius, Vilnius
8 5 277 51 51

M. Taika Queen's parish

Worshiping at sundays and holidays : 8.00, 9.00, 10.00, 12.00, 18.00...

Rumpiškės g. 6, klaipeda, Klaipėda

Bar Leika

We have new smoked beer "Schlenkerla Rauchbier Märzen"....

Tomo gatvė 7, Klaipėda, Klaipėda
(8-601) 89179

Cathedral Basilica


Katedros a. 2, Vilnius 01143, Vilnius
(8-5) 261 1127

Saint Ona's church

It is said that when Napoleon saw saint Ona's church, he wanted to take it on hand to Paris....

Maironio gatvė 8-1, Vilnius, Vilnius

Saint Kazimieras's church

Church was started building by jesuitical in 1604. It was built in memory of saint prince Kazimieras...

Didžioji gatvė 34, Vilnius, Vilnius

Lithuania's national philharmonic


Aušros Vartų g. 5, Vilnius
(8 5) 266 52 10

The town hall square

One of the oldest Vilnius oldtown squares....

Didžioji gatvė 31, Vilnius
(8 5) 261 8007

Birzai overview

Panorama of the city from a bird flight....

Vytauto g. 38, Biržai, Biržai

Monument Liudas Vaineikis

Monument to book smugglers, doctor Lithuanian political activist, Liudas Vainiekas....

Vytauto g. 70, Palanga, Palanga

Central Square

Excellent starting point of our route. Once a dirty no shape at all, and the central square, certain...

Vytauto g. 57, Palanga, Palanga

Sculpture Park

You'll see the modern Lithuanian sculpture gallery in the open....

J. Simpsono g. 1, Palanga, Palanga

independence monument

Lithuanian Independence Monument ten years mentioned.....

Rotušės a. 11, Kretinga, Kretinga

Saint M. M. church of the assumption

Telsiai parish was established in 1536....

Šviesos g. 2, telšiai, Telšiai
8 (444) 52229

Palanga 360

Here is shown a panoramic overview of the city of Palanga....

Vytauto g. 73, Palanga, Palanga
(8 460) 48 705

Tourist Information Centre

Kretinga District Tourism Information...

J. K. Chodkevičiaus gatvė 2, Kretinga
(8 445) 73 102

Juodkrantes church

Carpenter Klimkus Grigalaitis (1750-1825) in 1770-1780 built the first wooden church. In 1885 built ...

L. Rėzos gatvė 56, Juodkrantė, Neringa
(8-686) 09967

Pervalka pier


Pervalkos g.1, Neringa, Neringa

V.Kernagis sculpture

Vytautas Kernagis (May 19, 1951 – March 15, 2008) was a Lithuanian singer-songwriter, bard, actor,...


Community House


Kalno g. 26, JUODKRANTĖ, NERINGOS SAV., Neringa
370 (469) 53158

Plunge town hall


Vytauto g. 12, Plungė, Plungė
(8 448) 73 166

Monument of freedom


Laisvės alėja 10, Plungė, Plungė

Central Square


Dariaus ir Girėno g. 3, Plungė

Plunge St. St. John the Baptist Parish


Vytauto gatvė 32, Plungė, Plungė
(8-448) 52528

Plunge town panoramic view


Vytauto g. 12, Plungė, Plungė
(8 448) 73 166

Town hall


Dariaus ir Girėno g. 1, LT-99133 Šilutė, Šilutė
(8 441) 79 266

Uostadvaris Station


Uostadvaris 99352, Šilutė

Hermann Sudermann monument



Hugas Sojus mansion



Panoramic overview


(8 441) 79 266

Monument to Kudirka


Vytauto g. 56, Tauragė

Park near river



Old post office building


Dariaus ir Girėno g. 12, Tauragė

Pilies square



Town hall


Respublikos g. 2, Tauragė
(8 446) 62 813

Tourism info center


Vytauto g. 60, Tauragė, Tauragė
(8 446) 61 404

Monument to partisans


Stoties gatvė 3, Tauragė, Tauragė

Europa City Aurora

Hotel Europa City Aurora...

Nemuno g. 51, klaipėda, Klaipėda

Blessed. Mr M. Church of the Nativity

Ignalina St. Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary stands in Ignalina....

Bažnyčios a. 4, Ignalina
(8 386) 52378

Observation tower

Ignalina tower, also known as Vilkakalnio tower. The tower stands in the town of Ignalina, just a fe...


Ignalina fountain

Lake in eastern Lithuania, Ignalina region, at the northern edge of the town of Ignalina. Length (ea...


St.. Stanislovas Kostka the church.

Dūkštas St. Stanislaus Kostka Church stands Dūkštas city....

Bažnyčios gatvė 15, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 386) 45450

Exhibits room

The museum was established in 1959., Is open to visitors - in 1961. Professor A. Hrebnickis remote a...

Rojaus kaimas, Dūkšto seniūnija, Ignalinos rajonas., Ignalina
8 675 01 098

A. Hrebnickis Museum

Professor's house, where he lived from 1922. Exposure is equipped with four rooms. One of them exhib...

Rojaus kaimas, Dūkšto seniūnija, Ignalinos rajonas., Ignalina
(8 ~ 386) 45472

Neringa old ferry



Plunge Lourdes

The Plunge Lourdes we owe the final plunge manager Nicholas Oginski Michael's wife, Mary-Skuževskai...


Kretinga 360

Kretinga panorama of the bird's flight....

Savanorių g. 29A, Kretinga, Kretinga
(8-445) 77479

Tourist information center (Juodkrante)


L. Rėzos g. 8, Neringos m., Neringos sav. ., Neringa
(8 469) 53490

City panorama

Tauragės panorama of the city from a bird....

Respublikos g. 2, Tauragė, Tauragė
(8 446) 62 813



Ozo g. 18, vilnius, Vilnius
8700 44 999



Uosto gatvė 9, Šilutė 99185, Šilutė
8 441 78314

Joniškis 360

Joniskis overview of the city from a bird flight....

Livonijos g. 4, Joniškis, Joniškis
(8 426) 69 140

Alytus 360

Alytus city skyline from the bird's flight....

Rotušės a. 4, Alytus, Alytus
(8 315) 55 111

Pakruojis 360

Pakruojis panorama of the city from a bird's flight....

Kęstučio g. 4, Pakruojis, Pakruojis
(8 421) 69 090

Šiluva 360

Siluvos panorama of the city from a bird flight....

Bukoto g. 8, Šiluvos sen., Raseinių r. sav., Šiluva
(8 428) 43167

Vilkmerges monument

This is a monument for a wolf and a girl. It was made in accordance with city origin legend. ...


Kelme overview

Kelme panorama of the city from a bird flights....

Vytauto Didžiojo g. 58, Kelmė, Kelmės rajonas
8 427 69051

Tytuvenai review

Tytuvenai panorama of the city from a bird flights....

J. Basanavičiaus g. 2, Tytuvėnai, Kelmės rajonas
8 427 56223;

Kar Kar adventure park

Lets go on a adventure near sea - in the city of Klaipeda. this park is newly established....

H. Manto g. 81, Klaipėda, Klaipėda

Marijampolė 360

Marijampol panorama of the city from a bird flight....

J.Basanavičiaus a. 1 Marijampolė., Marijampolė
(8 343) 90 011

Hotel Galia Vita

Hotel complex Galia is located next to each other in the very center of Druskininkai resort, very co...

Maironio g. 3, Druskininkai, Druskininkai
370 313 60511


Friedrich's guest house - it is compliant with all modern guest house , full of the old spirit of th...

Šaltkalvių g-vė 3, Klaipėda
+370 620 73337

Kaišiadorys 360

Kaišiadorys City skyline from the bird's flight....

Bažnyčios g. 4, Kaišiadorys, Kaišiadorys
(8 346) 20 480

Ščebnicos pond

2005. it installed Kaišiadorių SFE. Here you can relax, go fishing. Equipped with several gazebos,...


Diocesan Curia

Kaisiadorys diocese - one of the seven dioceses Lithuania. Done in 1926....

Kęstučio g. 44, Kaišiadorys, Kaišiadorys
(8 346) 53950

Water tower

1883. water tower was built. 1919. the first train departed from Liepaja to Radviliškio. 1944. 15 J...


Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Christ

1906. created Kaišiadorių church building committee. Stasiūnai (Vladikiškių) estate owner gave ...

T. Brazio gatvė 6, Kaišiadorys, Kaišiadorys
370 346 52404

Baisogalos mansion

Auditors build the eighteenth and twentieth century. is one of the most famous architectural monumen...

R. Žebenkos g. 12, Baisogala., Radviliškis
+370 422 65 383

Burbiškio manor

The manor was established in the ancient history of exposure Baženskių mansion, which is mentioned...

Burbiškio k., Pakalniškių sen., Radviliškio r., Radviliškis
+370 422 42 001

Credit union

Credit union,, True Hope "is an independent cooperative institution whose primary purpose is to prov...

L. Petravičiaus a. 4A, Naujoji Akmenė, Naujoji Akmenė
(8 425) 562 88

Šiluvos square with monument dedicated to Pope John Paul II

In the year 1993 Pope John Paul II said a prayer in this chapel....

M.Jurgaičio g. 2, Šiluva
428 79 220

Šiluvos historic Market Square

One of the surviving historical part of the town Šiluvos formants - the former market square . It s...

Tytuvėnų g., Šiluva

Outside st. mary's birth basilica I

The Šiluva Basilica, attributed to the late baroque (the years 1760-1775)....

M.Jurgaičio g. 2, Šiluva, Šiluva
(428) 4 31 90

City square

Kaišiadorys the city's central square....

Bažnyčios g. 4, Kaišiadorys, Kaišiadorys

Partisan chapel

One of the most significant monuments of this type of Lithuania, the initiator and author of the arc...


Utena panoramic overview

Utena panoramic overview of the city from a bird flight....


Šiluvos museum

The museum features an ark chest found following Saint Mary’s apparition which served as a hiding ...

M.Jurgaičio g. 17 a, Šiluva, Šiluva
(428) 4 31 90

Apparition Chapel I

The newly built chapel was consecrated in the year 1924. In the year 1993 Pope John Paul II said a p...

Jono Pauliaus II g. 2, Šiluva
(428) 4 31 90

Apparition Chapel II

The newly built chapel was consecrated in the year 1924. In the year 1993 Pope John Paul II said a p...

Jono Pauliaus II g. 2, Šiluva
(428) 4 31 90

Raseiniai 360

Raseiniai panorama of the city from a bird flight....

V.Kudirkos g. 5, Raseiniai
(8 428) 79 600

Queen Mary the Martyr Chapel

Around the lake various paths are elaborated, children’s playgrounds have been set up. In 2011 Ute...

Aušros g. 34, Utena

Užpaliai Church and Belfry

The belfry of Užpaliai Church was built in 1847. It was built by the parishioners from their own fu...

J.Basanavičiaus g. 6, Užpaliai, Utenos r., Utena
+370 389 31309

Vyžuonos Church

It is the oldest building in Utena municipality; it was built in 1406, and now the church is archite...

Vyžuonos, Utenos r., Utena
+370 389 60322

Local history museum of Utena

The building, in which the museum is located, is the second oldest building in Utena town. Exhibits ...

Utenio a. 3,, Utena
+370 389 61637, +370 389 61634

Beer brewery

The brewery UTENOS ALUS has been famous in all over the world since already 1977 because the water i...

Pramonės g. 12, Utena, Utena
+370 618 87753

Utena A. and M. Miškiniai public library

Utena library fulfils cultural, information and educational functions. The modernization of the serv...

Maironio g. 12, Utena
+370 389 61606, +370 389 61607

Church of the Divine Paternity Congregation

The church was built in 2005 and represents modern architectural style. The church is especially val...

Aušros g. 78, Utena
+370 389 50313

Exhibition of rabbits

During the time at the homestead near the township Saldutiškis you can take a look at 40 different ...

Girios g. 2, Antalamėstės k., Saldutiškis, Utenos r., Utena
+370 673 37 553, +370 604 92 818

Kaunas 360

Kaunas city panoramic overview...

Kaunas, Kaunas
(8 37) 42 54 52

Ginučiai mound

Ginučiai two mounds mound complex in Ignalina region, about 2 km from Ginučiai between Linkmenas ...


Ignalina Museum

Ignalina museum invites you to visit us and see the various exhibits from stoneware to a very valuab...

Ateities g. 43, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8 386) 53147

Spa Center

Ignalina spa is a wonderful place to recuperate, relax and pampering spa services pleasures....

Vasario 16 – osios g. 35, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8~386) 5 35 40

St.. Stanislovas Church

Kazitiškis St. Stanislaus Church stands Kazitiškis village, 11 km to the north of the Ignalina....

8 698 28 002

Simonas Daukantas bridge

Pedestrian bridge over the canal in Kaunas, S. Daukanto connecting pedestrian street Centre and the ...


National Drama Theatre

Kaunas State Drama Theatre dates back to 1920., Was founded in Kaunas Drama vaidykla Russian and for...

Laisvės alėja 71, Kaunas, Kaunas
(8-37) 224064

The town hall square

Kaunas town hall square - the oldest and main Kaunas oldtown square. in XV century in Kaunas town ha...

Rotušės aikštė 15, Kaunas, Kaunas
(8-37) 203572

Eldorado bar

Is there anything more pleasing, than sitting comfortably at the table, enjoying good food and wine,...

Herkaus Manto g. 44, klaipėda, Klaipėda
8-603 830 83

Ignas and Lina sculpture

5m tall oak sculpture of two interconnected parts, metal suns top. The reverse side of the sculpture...

Atgimimo gatvė 39, Ignalina

Bees review tower

Šiliniškės (Ginučiai) tower - this is the first observation deck is located on a mobile telecomm...


Sports Entertainment bases

Lithuanian center of winter sports throughout the year to invite the rest of the lake: a great place...

Sporto g. 3, Ignalina, Ignalina

Old church dukštas

Dysna pool oldest and most interesting area is the Old Dukstas. Dūkštas same name derives from the...


Turn to the paradise

Paradise - Village Ignalina district to the north, the south-western shore of the lake Berzininkai. ...


Ginučiai watermill

Ginučiai water mill is a single-storey premises with a attic, rectangular. Visit the ancient water ...

Ginučių 22, Ignalina, Ignalina
(8-616) 29366

Mill input

Ginučiai water input...


The entrance to the church Palūšė. yard

Entrance to St. Palūšė. Joseph's church yard....


Beach (Dutch hat)

It is 24.4 m high scarp or cliff Lithuanian Baltic Sea coast, Seaside Regional Park, 2 miles north o...


Catalytic church

The first church built in Tauragė in 1507....

Stoties g. 2 , Tauragė, Tauragė

Jonavos review

Jonavos panorama of the city from a bird flights....

55.0752080, 24.2761310, Jonava
(8 349) 61 394

Christ Assumption Church

The stone church, built in 1882–1884, is very special, because its trunnion cross is covered with ...

Vytauto a. 4, Utena
+370 389 55745

Grand Spa center

Immerse yourself in full of senses "Grand Spa Lithuania" world, and your stay in Druskininkai will s...

V. Kudirkos g. 45, Druskininkai, Druskininkai
+370 313 51 200

Juodkrantes beach



Astravas Manor

Astravas manor - one expressive nineteenth century. romantic architectural homesteads Lithuania. Loc...

Astravo g. 17, Biržai
(8 450) 43 142

Badger Cave


Karajimiškis, “Gojelio” miškas, Biržai
(8 450) 33 496

Evangelical Reformed Church


Reformatų g. 3a, Biržai
(450) 35 100

Cow Cave


Karajimiškio k., Biržai
(8 450) 33 496

Paminklas Poetui Juliui Janoniui


J. Janonio a., Biržai
(8 450) 33 496

A monument to those who died for Lithuanian independence


Vytauto g., Biržai
(8 450) 43 142

Biržų tvirtovė


J. Radvilos g. 3, Biržai
+370 450 35 805

Regioninio parko lankytojų centras


Rotušės g. 10, Biržai
+370 450 34 264

Siaurojo geležinkelio kompleksas


Kęstučio g., Biržai
+370 45 463527

Pėščiųjų tiltas per Širvėnos ežerą


Biržų raj., Širvėnos ežeras, Biržai
(8 450) 33 496

Biržų rajono savivaldybė


Vytauto g. 38, Biržai
(8 450) 43 142

Šv. Jono Krikštytojo parapijos bažnyčia


Radvilos g. 5, Biržai
8 699 65772

Turizmo informacijos centras


J. Janonio g. 2, Biržai
(8 450) 33 496

Tiltas – užtvanka


56.221484, 24.762335, Biržai
(8 450) 43 142

Biržų pašto pastatas


Vytauto g. 23, Biržai
(8 450) 43 142

Kirkilų karstiniai ežerėliai


Kirkilų k., Biržai
+370 450 33496

Varėnos apžvalga


54.220480, 24.559658, Varėna
(8 310) 32 001

Merkinės apžvalgos bokštas


54.164901, 24.171044, Varėna

Akmens kaimo Nukryžiuotojo Jėzaus bažnyčia


Akmens kaimas, Varėnos r. sav., Varėna
(8 310) 32 001

Nese bank of entertainment

Company's priority activities - innovative and high-quality entertainment organization, food service...

Turgaus g. 1, Klaipėda, Klaipėda
8 700 55 555

Kupiškis review

Kupiškis panorama of the city from a bird flights....

Gedimino g. 34 – 5 , Kupiškis, Kupiškis
370 459 35 603

Aviation Museum

The Lithuanian Aviation Museum formerly known as the Lithuanian Technical Museum was founded on Febr...

Veiverių g. 132, Kaunas, Kaunas
+370 37 227 616



Savanorių pr. 1, Vilnius, Vilnius
8620 74129

Municipality square

Vilnius Europe square - on the right Neris coast, near Vilnius town municipality complex in Konstit...

Konstitucijos pr. 3, LT-09601 Vilnius, Vilnius


„Salento Disco Pub" - italų (Andre Zappa ir Piero Buttazzo) įkurtas klubas, kiaurą savaitę tur...

Didžioji st. 28, Vilnius

Gandrališkių Aero

Kiekvienas iš mūsų svajojame gyventi jaukiuose ir kokybiškuose namuose, gražioje aplinkoje ir t...

‎Kuosų g. 20, Klaipėda
Mob.: 8 620 72264

Nalšios muziejus

Istorijos skyriaus laikinoji ekspozicija skirstoma į keletą temų. Ekspozicijos pradžioje lankyto...

Laisvės al. 1, Švenčionys
+370 387 5 18 31

Kazlų Rūdos savivaldybė

Interaktyvus turas po Kazlų Rūdos apylinkes....

Atgimimo g. 12, LT-69443 Kazlų Rūda , Kazlų Rūda